Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Friends don't let friends dinner ditch

So you know how facebook has that "See people from your high school option"?

Recently, I was asked to add a guy that I DO remember from High school.

Why? Because I turned him in for running out on his bill at the local Friendly's restaurant. I not only gave the waitress and manager his name, but the information that he was the son of the police chief in town.

I can't imagine why on earth he wants to add me as a friend.

Monday, June 29, 2009

That must of been ALOT of eye makeup...

It's a response I got to a friend request on Facebook:

"Thank you for the add, however I am at this time in my life, going to
decline as gracefully as possible. I do not think that we were ever
actually friends and I do recall a very uncomfortable situation at
Nxxx' s funeral in which you humiliated me in front of people that I
cared dearly for. Bygones, yes, however it was a painful moment that
you were happy to facilitate. My life is authentic and toxic free, to
pursue a friendship on a public forum such as FB would be false and
certainly not fair to both of us.
I wish you peace and a happy life. "

Want to know the humiliating thing I did? We were looking at pictures
and she said "Oh, look at how much eye make up I used to wear." and I
said "Oh, what do you mean used to?"

And that was in, get ready, 1993.

Whew! I don't think she's quite as evolved as she thinks she is.