Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Whoever has the most meaningless friends when they die - WINS!

The majority of my extended family lives in another state, so although we're friendly, we're not exactly close. When a cousin sent a Friend Request, I explained that although I'm not a member of Facebook I'd love to hear how he's doing. I then wrote a couple of paragraphs detailing some interesting things I'd been doing and asked some leading questions to prime the pump for a decent reply. I never heard back from him. When I did finally open an account I noticed that he had over nine hundred friends. Evidently this was less about catching up in any meaningful way than in stuffing the ballot box for some sort of popularity contest.


  1. That's sad.
    I feel bad for not friending random classmates and old coworkers for exactly this reason. Too many aquaintances on these sites means inevitably ignoring or offending some.

  2. I call that stupid little game some people play "I Win At Facebook."