Friday, July 17, 2009

Best served Cold

We knew each other in high school. We were both nice middle class girls. You're probably a millionaire, as you are the head of a thriving money management firm. I live in a nice little suburban ranch home with a low paying public service job, but guess what!! I control 1.5 million dollars of family assets that we keep a deep dark secret. All of my family members live quiet, modest lives and smile when we check our bank balances and our five safe deposit boxes. I pretend that I live paycheck to paycheck like all of my friends do.

I sent you a friend invite and you have not replied. You friended the girl who turned on me like a vicious animal when I tried to maintain a friendship after high school, saying she had to move on. No problem. I was considering putting my money with your firm, but you can forget that now. I am an educated person and can probably do just as well on my own with the family money--so far, so good.


  1. How long ago was high school? Last month?

  2. This post did not make it apparent that you have a gnawing hatred in yourself for others.

    Grow up. Whoever amassed this money in your family is probably turning to vomit in their grave, rest their souls.

  3. You sound kind of mean.