Thursday, July 23, 2009

His name isn't Peter Pan, is it?

I was seeing this guy with whom I had reconnected via Facebook. We had dated previously a couple of years before and had started seeing each other again. Or so I thought. We had gotten together a few times, chatted, emailed and all that. I thought everything was going well. Until out of the blue all contact stopped. Same as the time before. After two weeks of silence, I finally got an email from him, saying he met someone else online and did not feel comfortable seeing me anymore. And he was sorry for the lack of communication and should have been more forward with me. WTF??? I was very upset and I did not respond right away. I was too angy and figured he could wait a bit since he made me wait two weeks. After about a week I noted that he had unfriended me on Facebook. How junior high can you get? Did I mention that we are both mid-30s?


  1. Didn't you say that you were waiting a few weeks to get back to him?

    You are doing 'this' because he did 'this' too. How junior high can you get? My son laughed when I forwarded this too him and he pointed it out as well.

    Way to drop yourself on the same level. I just quit following this blog.

  2. Sounds like, as big a pisser as that was, he did you a bit of a favor by being an a-hole

  3. He was a jerk. As was "anonymous 12:47pm" when he/she said they stopped following this blog because you decided to give this guy a taste of his own medicine. So many jerks ... so little reason to cut 'em any slack.