Monday, July 6, 2009

Divorce = Lets hang out together and be friends

For two years I was married to a man I grew to despise. In our dysfunctional relationship we exchanged "f*ck you" much more often than "love you". When I filed for divorce, he refused to sign the papers, insisting that I was HIS WIFE and he didn't have to let me go.

When he finally realized that the court was not going to force me to stay married to him, he signed the papers with the threat that I'd better not marry anyone else, or he would kill the man.

Four years later, he finds me on Facebook and sends me a friend request. When I ignored it, he sent another one, asking me why we can't be friends. I ignored that one too.

I guess some people just don't get it.


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  2. Ah, yes. Ground Rules. I distinctly remember stopping at Friendlys following an amicable divorce. Although we are friendly today, there was nothing pleasant about our marriage. The x sat across from me, his fist tightening up as he muttered the words " i don't care who you date, as long as it's nobody I KNOW."